Discussions on free community college in the US

July 19, 2021

The United States's recently released $3.5T budget blueprint, which included tuition-free community college for every adult, has reignited the debate about the benefits and downsides of tuition-free education in the postsecondary sector. In the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Oyin Adedoyin details the way that some postsecondary institutions have previously attempted or planned to go tuition free, as well as how institutions have financially supported students with the hope that students would reciprocate after they graduate. In Inside Higher Ed, Steven Mintz discusses some of the challenges associated with community colleges and the difficulties that free tuition would help resolve, and Sara Weissman discusses the barriers to education that adult learners experience, such as limited access to free programs and fewer opportunities. Chronicle of Higher Ed (Subscription req.) | Inside Higher Ed (1) | Inside Higher Ed (2) (International)