Diversity initiatives will continue to fall short without intention, leadership: Newkirk

November 8, 2019

Drawing on her more than 30 years of work in higher ed, Pamela Newkirk notes that diversity has been a national preoccupation in the US. However, despite many costly affirmative action initiatives, “decades of hand-wringing,” and “uncomfortable conversations,” progress in the field of diversity “has been negligible.” Drawing upon higher ed data and interviews with people who have been and are spearheading diversity initiatives at their own institutions, Newkirk argues that diversity mandates are trending towards “a flattened diversity-for-all mantle that embraces diversity of all kinds while ignoring the history and legacy of structural racial disadvantage.” Part of the problem, according to the author, is that institutions lack intention and leadership to direct that intention for robust diversity initiatives. The Chronicle Review (International)