Donor takes UBC to court to ensure his name appears on all law degrees

November 13, 2019

Peter A Allard is taking the University of British Columbia to court over allegations that the institution is not fulfilling their portion of an agreement made in 2014 when Allard donated $30M to UBC’s Faculty of Law. In 2016, Allard noticed that his name was not being printed on Masters of Law and PhD degrees at UBC, something he believed was part of the agreement he made with UBC regarding the terms of his donation. However, when Allard contacted UBC about the issue, he discovered that his agreement with the university did not extend to higher-level graduate degrees, as those are conferred by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, not the Faculty of Law. Allard took the issue to the BC International Commercial Arbitration Centre for adjudication, where the claim was dismissed. In response, Allard filed an appeal of the arbitrator’s decision. UBC’s lawyer Hubert Lai told CBC that the university will submit its response to Allard's court application "in due course." CBC (BC)