Donor threatens to pull YorkU support over controversial mural

January 27, 2016

A controversial mural hanging in the student center at York University has reportedly prompted Paul Bronfman of William F White to withdraw his support for the school unless the mural is removed. The mural, which depicts a figure wearing the image of the Palestinian flag and holding two stones behind its back, has been accused of stoking anti-Semitic sentiment in the past. Bronfman stated in an open letter that “York University will be persona non grata at William F White International until they take that poster down,” which he adds will result in the loss of multiple resources for YorkU Students. “We deeply regret Mr Bronfman’s decision and would like to thank him for his support,” said Joanne Rider, Chief Spokesperson and Director, Media Relations at York University, “Our Arts, Media, Performance and Design students have benefited from the experiential learning activities made possible by his generosity.” City News | Never Again Canada