Downtown new destination for uWindsor

April 2, 2013

With key support from the city, the University of Windsor starts construction this summer on a $70-million downtown campus. Once strangers, Canadian PSE institutions and local municipalities now consider themselves allies in realizing their respective goals. By September 2014, uWindsor expects to offer programs in 3 heritage buildings being renovated and expanded to accommodate 2,000 students and faculty. "We recognize the downtown is where we have the home of the symphony, the art gallery and the theatres and all the social agencies," says uWindsor president Alan Wildeman. "It lets us fulfill what is part of our strategic plan, which is to create one of the most exciting learning environments we can." While some wonder whether an influx of students will be enough to redefine Windsor, others see the downtown campus as a timely effort to repair a frayed urban fabric. Globe and Mail