Durham launches Behavioural Science Technician program

December 18, 2020
Durham College has launched an interdisciplinary Behavioural Science Technician (BHTN) program which focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis. The program will include theoretical, research-based, and applied courses. Students will learn how to assist with programs for clients in education, family support services, mental health treatment, gerontology, and other settings. “In addition to the core competencies taught in this program, there is also a strong emphasis placed on ethics, professionalism and interpersonal communication, which isn’t common amongst other college behavioural science programs,” said Durham executive VP, Academic Elaine Popp. “When you combine that with the focus on service needs across a client’s lifespan from a bio-psycho-social perspective, DC students will graduate with a greater breadth of knowledge which creates more career opportunities.” Durham (ON)