Durham SMA emphasizes focus on high-growth industries, contribution to economic diversification

August 21, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between Durham College and Ontario emphasizes the college’s broad-based strengths and support for all learners, especially those with special needs and from at-risk backgrounds. The college is also cited for its strategic and collaborative relationship with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and its contribution to the economic diversification of the Durham Region. The SMA identifies as areas of institutional strength Durham’s programs targeted at high-growth industries and sectors and its close work with industry and employers on identifying and responding to labour market needs. The SMA further notes that Durham provides 22% of all OntarioLearn courses as well as extensive experiential learning opportunities and hybrid course delivery options for students. 5 areas of proposed program growth are identified in the SMA: business, accounting, financial management, and materials management; media arts; agriculture/culinary/hospitality; health; and skilled trades and technology. Durham SMA