Early encouragement key to women's pursuit of tech careers

September 23, 2014

New research sheds light on barriers that prevent women from entering science- and math-related careers. According to the data, only 18% of Canadians who had considered a career in technology were women. Of those women who had not considered a career in technology, 29% said that it was because they thought they lacked the skillset to get into a technology field, while 11% said they had not been encouraged to develop skills in science or math. When asked about major barriers that prevent women from pursuing careers in technology, 32% of survey respondents agreed that girls are encouraged to pursue other fields instead. 87% of survey respondents said that they believed more curriculum at the high school level was important to encouraging girls to enter into tech, 83% said that more curriculum at the PSE level was important, and 87% said that mentorship by other women was important. MasterCard Press Release