ON earmarks $1.2M for bioproduct research at UoGuelph

August 19, 2019

The Government of Ontario has announced that it is earmarking $1.2M for research at the University of Guelph on bio-products, waste reduction, and recycling technologies. The projects include looking at bio-degradable or compostable straws from the natural fibre of miscanthus grass and corn stover, creating renewable biochemical products from dead chickens, and turning greenhouse vegetable waste into renewable energy. "All of these projects are really around can we replace some of these plastics,” said UoGuelph Professor Beverley Hale, who also serves as the associate VP of research for the Agri-Food partnership. “And of course that's big on everybody's mind right now, with a recent report on micro-plastics being everywhere.” UoGuelph | Guelph Mercury Tribune (ON)