Educause releases report on learning management systems in PSE

September 30, 2014

Educause, a US nonprofit organization of IT leaders working in PSE, has released a new report on student, faculty, and IT staff attitudes toward learning management systems (LMSes). According to the report, 99% of US institutions surveyed have an LMS in place. LMSes have an average age of about 8 years, and 15% of US institutions are planning to replace their LMS within the next 3 years. While faculty and students perceive LMSes as enhancing their teaching and learning experiences, few use the advanced features available in these systems to their fullest capacity. Users also reported being most satisfied with basic features and least satisfied with collaboration and engagement features. Students and faculty both reported that they would like to see enhanced features added to LMSes, especially around personalization and analytical capabilities. The report further says that many students come to college and university without the adequate knowledge they need to effectively use an LMS, and suggests that students be better included in training programs. Full Report