Electricity industry non-profit to market trades to women

August 14, 2014

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), a non-profit that provides workers to power companies, is launching a $350,000 marketing campaign to recruit women to the industry. The electricity sector will need 23,000 new recruits to replace retiring workers, and EHRC believes that women will be critical to overcoming that gap. Women make up 25% of employees in the sector, but most are working in administrative and marketing roles. “We want to get them working on the technical side,” said EHRC CEO Michelle Branigan. To that end, the organization is launching a massive ad campaign that aims to normalize the image of women working in jobs like engineers, millwrights, and industrial mechanics. EHRC will also launch a new website to provide information to women interested in working in the trades. The campaign is being sponsored by a number of power companies and trade organizations, and Branigan says she’s also reached out to PSE institutions and groups. The campaign, Branigan says, will run as long as it is needed. Toronto Star