Employers must play a part in training employees

May 13, 2014

Canadian employers have for too long neglected their responsibilities in training the workforce, writes Daniel Munro, Principal Research Associate at the Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education. He notes that only 31% of Canadians aged 25–64 had participated in non-formal, job-related education; while this is above the average among members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, it is slightly below the rate in the United States and significantly below that of leading European countries. He points to employers’ eagerness to shift the cost and responsibility for training onto PSE institutions, and cites a “troubling correlation” between calls for PSE to produce work-ready grads and declining employer spending on training and development. “PSE graduates have great knowledge and expertise to offer, as well as a capacity for future learning. But given that employers have unique skill needs … their success will depend on skills development well beyond their employees’ graduation,” he writes. He says that public policies may be required to “nudge” reluctant employers forward. Financial Post