Employment Minister calls on private sector to invest in skills training

October 6, 2014

Speaking at the Canada 2020 conference, Canadian Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney spoke out about the need for Canadian business to do their fair share in contributing to employee skills development. “It’s about bending the arc in the direction of more employer-led, demand-driven training … We need to see businesses put more resources into skills development,” Kenney told reporters. Kenney was responding in part to criticism from Canadian business owners of the government’s planned modifications to the temporary foreign workers program, which they say will prevent them from accessing the skilled labour that they need to fill jobs. “Certainly I say to [business], ‘Don’t come to me and demand temporary foreign workers to address your labour challenges if you’re not showing us how you’re investing in skills training,'” Kenney said. Kenney also advocated encouraging Canadians to get involved in a trade at a younger age as a way to manage the perceived skills gap. Ottawa Citizen | National Post