Entrepreneur to sell clothing sporting “Maple Spring” red square symbol

November 29, 2013

A Montreal-area entrepreneur has turned the red square used as a symbol for the “Maple Spring” student uprising into a brand, creating a line of polo and T-shirts donning the red square. Raymond Drapeau filed a trademark application for the design last year at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and got tentative approval last month. “I saw the red felt squares and said to myself, ‘we could broaden this a little bit and put it on shirts',” says Drapeau. He also says he doesn’t want to “raise the ire” of the student associations that used the symbol, and is interested in eventually working out a deal with them. An official from one of the main Maple Spring student groups said “the matter is being studied and there won’t be any comments for the moment.” Drapeau has launched a website with the slogan “show your colours” on which to sell his shirts. Globe and Mail