Erasmus exchange program has led to a million babies, says EU

September 26, 2014

The EU is promoting its Erasmus student exchange plan with the language of love. A new report on the program’s impact says 27% of participants met their current life partner during their time abroad. The report also says that 33% of Erasmus students had “hooked up” with people of another nationality, compared with 13% of students who had not traveled. According to the European Commissioner for Education Androulla Vassiliou, Erasmus students’ extracurricular activities have had a measurable impact. He said that the EU “estimates that around one million babies are likely to have been born to Erasmus couples since 1987.” European Commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen added that the figure “is a great encouragement to young people to go and live abroad and open up to all the opportunities that exist if you are willing.” The EU also emphasized that the Erasmus program has led to job creation as well, and that Erasmus students were less likely to experience long-term unemployment. France 24