Ethics, business, liberal arts form basis of new Huron Core Curriculum

October 21, 2016

All students at Huron University College will now need to follow a core curriculum in addition to their chosen major or program. The move is part of a new direction in Huron’s institutional vision, which the university says will “[pair] the traditional advantages of liberal arts—communication skills, critical thinking, analytical insight—with the in-demand skills of business and management.” The new Huron Core Curriculum will reportedly be finalized following a consultative process with faculty, and is expected to roll out to students in fall 2017. Huron adds that underpinning all academic programming will be an ethical foundation that stresses corporate social responsibility, service to the community, and social justice. “No other university in the country does this at an undergraduate level, across the entire institution,” says Huron Principal Barry Craig. “This will be a cultural shift for our entire university, and it will be what sets our students apart in the job market.” Huron