Exclusion from benefit programs, tuition hikes exacerbate challenges for international students

July 13, 2020

Prior to the pandemic, many international students at Canadian postsecondary institutions were struggling financially, write Carlo Handy Charles and Veronica Øverlid, and unexpected tuition hikes, exclusions from financial support programs, and barriers to employment have exacerbated these challenges. Given that international students contribute billions of dollars to the Canadian economy each year, bring a diversity of cultures and world views to many institutions, and contribute to Canadian postsecondary institutions’ reputations, the authors called on governments and institutions to reconsider benefit exclusions and tuition hikes. “The COVID-19 crisis presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of international students in Canada, and to reconsider what it means to welcome newcomers to the country,” conclude Charles and Øverlid. Policy Options (National)