Facilities management teams step up to keep researchers, students safe

April 22, 2020

Staff responsible for caring for college and university campuses across the country are working hard to ensure that those still working and living on campuses are able to do so safely. Caretaking staff at the University of Calgary, Brock University, and Dalhousie University, for example, have enhanced sanitation procedures to ensure student, faculty, and staff remain safe. At all three schools, PPEs and physical distancing have been implemented to protect the health of these workers. “It’s all-hands on deck and do whatever you have to do to make sure the students and others are looked after,” said Dal director of operations for Facilities Management Darrell Boutilier. “People have gone way beyond their normal duties the last few weeks to make sure that things are getting serviced and everyone is safe and healthy.” UCalgary | Dal | Brock (AB, NS, ON)