Faculty pen editorials on how to address anti-Asian racism

April 7, 2021
In response to recent news stories on anti-Asian racism, several faculty across North America have written editorials about how postsecondary institutions can address anti-Asian racism. University of Toronto professors Robert Diaz and Hae Yeon Choo describe ways that universities can go beyond making statements against anti-Asian racism to address systemic racism within the universities. The authors’ suggestions include recognizing that anti-Asian incidents can create strong emotions within community members, addressing underrepresentation within the institution, supporting scholarship that dismantles anti-Asian racism, and broadly challenging anti-Asian racism. Min Hyoung Song of the US-based Boston College describes the importance of Asian American studies in understanding racism and giving a voice to marginalized perspectives. “We must insist, without apology, that the capaciously defined study of race — which includes Asian Americans as members of a racial minority — is an essential part of the university’s mission,” writes Song. Inside Higher Ed | Chronicle of Higher Ed (International)