Failure to complete high school major barrier to PSE access, Senate report finds

April 5, 2012

A new Senate committee report examining both financial and non-financial factors of PSE observes that it is not the cost that prevents students from attending PSE, but the challenges of simply completing secondary school. Family life, social conditions, and quality of K-12 education are all major factors in PSE participation, according to the report. While tuition fees do play a role in decisions to pursue higher education, the report finds that there is funding in place to support those in need -- but all too often those financial aids go unclaimed. While education is a provincial responsibility, the report outlines more than 20 recommendations for the federal government to encourage Canadians to attend PSE. These include working with provincial education ministers on efforts to reduce the drop-out rate in high school, conducting an immediate review of the effectiveness of all education tax credits in increasing PSE accessibility, and implementing a national PSE strategy, which would include the creation of an independent Canada Education and Training Transfer to ensure there is dedicated funding for PSE and training. Report | Postmedia News