Fanshawe, Atlantic institutions plan to focus on education rather than mandatory vaccination

August 17, 2021
Several postsecondary institutions have announced plans to strongly recommend COVID-19 vaccinations rather than outright mandating them. The University of New Brunswick, St Thomas University, and Mount Allison University will not be mandating vaccines. UNB and STU will be focusing on education to encourage vaccination, and UNB and MtA will have vaccination clinics on or near campus. Quebec postsecondary institutions have not made announcements that vaccines will be required, and McGill University issued a statement to its community stating that the province’s “vaccine passport will not impact your ability to engage in teaching and research activities at McGill” since education is considered an essential service. Fanshawe College has also announced that it will not be mandating vaccines for those who come on campus, but will strongly encourage it. CBC (Fanshawe) | CBC (QC) | CBC (UNB, MtA, STU) (National)