Fanshawe launches the Oneida - Language Immersion, Culture and Teaching diploma

July 13, 2021
Fanshawe College is launching a diploma program called Oneida - Language Immersion, Culture and Teaching, which aims to preserve the Oneida language and reverse its decline. The program will teach students fluency in the Oneida language with the goal of producing graduates who have the ability to teach, translate, and tell stories in the language. The three-year program will take in around 20 students each year, and is open to students from all walks of life and backgrounds. Hubert Antone, who grew up speaking only Oneida, explained that at present only around 20 people in the Oneida of the Thames community can speak and understand Oneida. “If we lose the language now, we’re going to lose another part of our culture,” said Antone. CBC (ON)