Fanshawe to offer MOOC in applied sustainability

April 11, 2013

Beginning in May, Fanshawe College, in partnership with educational software provider Desire2Learn, will launch a free, 6-week open online course on applied sustainability. Students from anywhere around the world will participate in online field trips, perfom hands-on tasks, discuss issues, and be eligible to receive a letter of completion from Fanshawe. The college chose the subject area for a first-time massive open online course (MOOC) because it considers itself a leader in incorporating sustainability into much of its curriculum, as well as its daily operations. The course will differ from most traditional MOOCs as it will offer practical, hands-on learning. Another way Fanshawe's MOOC differs is in offering graduated levels of completion. These will range from Fundamental to Platinum, each requiring higher levels of student participation. To obtain the Fundamental level, students only need to pass weekly quizzes. Higher levels require monitored participation in discussion forums and hands-on tasks, with the Platinum level requiring students to complete a design project to be evaluated by the MOOC team. Fanshawe News