Fanshawe outlines 2% annual enrolment increase goal in draft SMA

October 29, 2012

In its strategic mandate submission, Fanshawe College sets a goal of 2% enrolment growth each year for 7 years based on the institution's role in helping to supply the local and regional labour markets with appropriate skilled employees. In terms of enrolment, and in addition to direct student recruitment initiatives, Fanshawe now also focuses vigorously on non-direct and mature student; international/immigrant student; and graduate student prospects. To achieve this enrolment growth goal in the short-term, Fanshawe is offsetting its very modest domestic growth with foreign students coming primarily from India, China, and Korea. This year there are 1,044 international registrants at Fanshawe, up from 327 in 2008. In the mid-term, the college expects its non-direct and graduate student strategies (including a new School of Graduate Studies and Hybrid/Residency graduate program offerings) to start to yield favourable incremental changes in domestic enrolment. Fanshawe News | Fanshawe SMA