Federal budget boosts funding for innovation

March 31, 2012

The 2012 federal budget, tabled last week, increased funding for research and innovation, and encouraged closer ties between universities and private companies. AUCC welcomed continued funding of SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR, an additional $500 million over 5 years for CFI, and $275 million for on-reserve First Nations education: “the government showed leadership by continuing its investments in research, innovation, research infrastructure and university-private sector collaborations.” On the other hand, CAUT cautioned that an emphasis on commercial research, rather than pure scientific inquiry, “will stifle rather than promote growth and scientific advancement,” and expressed concern about $9.6 million cut from Library and Archives Canada. However, both the CAUT and the AUCC were pleased that the federal government did not reduce education transfer payments to the provinces.  Budget 2012  |  AUCC News Release  |  CAUT News Release | Globe and Mail