Federal government announces $9B aid package for students

April 24, 2020

The federal government has announced a $9B aid package for qualifying students to help them financially weather the next few months. The benefit will pay students a minimum of $1,250 per month from May-August. Students who earn up to $1K per month will still be eligible for the benefit and will be able to volunteer in critical service sectors and receive additional funds. The government has also pledged to invest an additional $75M in the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, Métis Education Strategy, and Inuit Education Strategy and as well as a further $291M through the Canada Granting Agency for student researcher extensions. The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations have released a statement indicating that they are “pleased” with the student aid package. The Canadian Federation of Students questioned why students are not receiving the same amount of money as those that qualify for the CERB benefit and noted that international students are left out of this benefit package. National Post | CASA | ACAE | CFS | FCÉÉ  | APTN (National)