Feds determined to go ahead with Job Grant program, with or without provinces

October 4, 2013

According to Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney, if the provinces and territories do not sign on in support of the Canada Job Grant program, the federal government will go ahead with administering the program federally. The premiers met last week with business and labour leaders about the controversial program, and the resulting message was the provinces will not participate unless there are changes made to the plan as it now stands. Kenney stated that the plan has already seen significant changes since first introduced, and will be flexible and not a one-size-fits-all approach, as has been suggested. Kenney told CTV that the plan is to “actually empower businesses, employers, who know better than government bureaucracies who is going to benefit most from training and will actually [be] able to get to work.” Kenney hopes to meet with his provincial counterparts to further discuss the program in the next few weeks. CTV News