Finances tight at Manitoba PSE institutions

April 10, 2012

Some PSE schools in Manitoba do not expect that provincial funding and tuition will be enough to cover their costs without cutting positions, programs, and services. The University of Winnipeg faces up to $4 million in cuts, three-quarters of it due to ongoing pension issues. If the government does not provide a loan or agree to some other arrangement to come up with the money, uWinnipeg will have to look at the entire budget again, says the VP of Finance. Facing an $11-million shortfall, Red River College is seeking tuition parity with Assiniboine Community College and University College of the North. The University of Manitoba will have to reallocate some funding on campus, says president David Barnard, but "I don't think it's going to be dire. We're definitely not making across-the-board cuts." Brandon University will have to cut 4% to balance its budget, largely through leaving jobs vacant, and it expects a 5% enrolment drop next year as a result of the faculty strike this past fall. Winnipeg Free Press