First-generation immigrants more likely to attend university, HEQCO reports

October 6, 2010

According to a new HEQCO-commissioned study of Toronto high school immigrant students, first-generation immigrants, particularly those of East Asian background, are more likely to attend university, while Caribbean students are least likely to enrol in PSE or even graduate from high school. English-speaking Canadian, Caribbean, and African-born students tracked in the study were most likely to go to college. Over 70% of East Asian students went on to university, followed by European students at 52%. The report also compares the profiles of students both by their region of origin and generational status. Just 20% of students in Toronto have Canadian-born parents, while 42% are foreign-born (first-generation immigrants) and 38% are born in Canada of immigrant parents (second-generation immigrants). HEQCO News Release | Read the report |