First-time enrolment by Chinese students in US grad programs drops for first time

November 13, 2014

New data released by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) indicate that first-time enrolment by Chinese students in US graduate programs has dropped for the first time since at least 2004, when CGS began issuing its annual report. The numbers are not necessarily surprising, and reflect efforts in China to improve the quality of its own research universities as US schools are dealing with budget cuts. In spite of the drop in Chinese students, overall international enrolment was up by 8%. The increase can be attributed primarily to a 27% growth in international students from India. First-time graduate enrolments from Brazil also increased by a significant percentage, nearly doubling last year’s figure. Among fields of study, the growth was greatest in physical and earth sciences programs (20%); CGS includes math and computer sciences in this category. Engineering programs saw an 11% increase in enrolments. The Chronicle of Higher Education | Full Report