First-year seminars return to UoGuelph

April 15, 2011

Suspended 2 years ago due to inadequate funding, the University of Guelph's first-year seminars program will return in the fall with support from a number of donors, including a $1-million pledge each from the alumni association and the board of governors' vice-chair. Introduced in 2003, the seminars are designed to provide an interactive small-group learning experience for new university students, with enrolment capped at 18. Aiming to challenge the mind of the new student, the program was popular from the get-go, but the small class sizes made the seminars very expensive to run, leading to the suspension. The program director says the seminars are among her favourite courses to teach; by being challenged and engaged, she says, students "learn how to learn, to experience the joy of learning." UoGuelph News