Five of ten uQuebec institutions paid out illegal executive bonuses in past year, says QC politician

August 16, 2016

Five of the ten institutions within the Université de Québec network have paid out a combined $1.2M in illegal bonuses to their directors in a single fiscal year, according to a new list compiled by a Quebec MNA. Parti Québécois member Alexandre Cloutier said that if he becomes the province’s premier, he will allow the QC auditor general to limit the salaries of uQuebec presidents and extend this power to include other universities such as Université Laval, McGill University, Université de Sherbrooke, and Université de Montreal. “We need to end all forms of income or bonuses that may be considered illegal, as unfortunately it was the case of some universities in network UQ and is probably true for all universities,” said Cloutier. La Presse