Florida educators await clarity on MOOCs and outside learning credits

April 16, 2014

Florida legislators are debating the best way to evaluate prior learning, but may be moving too slowly for some institutions. Last year, Governor Rick Scott signed into lawa bill that mandated the Florida Board of Governors and the State Board of Education to “adopt rules that enable students to earn academic credit for online courses, including massive open online courses, prior to initial enrollment at a postsecondary institution.” Proponents suggest that the stipulation will improve accessibility and reduce the cost of higher education. However, PSE institutions are growing impatient to see what these recommendations will mean in practice, with some universities taking matters into their own hands. Florida International University has implemented a pilot prior learning assessment project to determine if students qualify for credit in an introductory psychology course. However, FIU admits that in spite of being proactive it will be difficult to implement outside learning assessments in every discipline by the 2015-16 academic year. Inside Higher Ed