FNUniv loses government tenant

October 28, 2013

First Nations University is looking for a new tenant after the federal government announced that it would not be renewing a rental agreement for space at FNUniv’s Regina campus. Estimates suggest upwards of $1 million in annual revenue will be lost until a new tenant can be found. According to the communications manager for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s Saskatchewan office, FNUniv did not submit a proposal to extend the rental agreement through the official channels, although the university’s acting President, Juliano Tupone, said that verbal and written communications with AANDC stated “the university’s intention to extend the rental agreement.” FNUniv’s Board of Governors has had its terms extended after a vote by the Chiefs of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Board member David Sharpe said that “they have a plan and need 3 more years to find stable funding sources.” Regina Leader-Post | CBC