FNUniv relocates Saskatoon operations onto SIIT campus

October 7, 2016

First Nations University of Canada has officially moved all of its Saskatoon operations into SIIT’s facilities. FNUniv has reportedly rented classroom space from SIIT for the past two years, but the new move will see the remainder of the school’s personnel relocated into SIIT’s space for the 2016-2017 term. “I am pleased to welcome First Nations University of Canada to SIIT’s main campus,” said SIIT President Riel Bellegarde. “We believe the relationship between us as one of importance that will work to strengthen the learning experience of all students.” The move will also include the relocation of FNUniv’s Student success services, which consist of access to Elder’s services, writing support, and comfort food events such as soup and bannock lunches. NationTalk (SIIT)