Forbes ranks 600 "best" US colleges

August 11, 2009

Forbes magazine has just published the second annual ranking of "America's Best Colleges," as determined by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The rankings consider quality of education, student experience, and student achievement -- based in part on inputs from,, and Who's Who in America. The number one college in America?  West Point (the US Military Academy), which this year bumped Princeton from the top spot, thanks largely to the complete lack of tuition for enrolled students. The Ivy league remain prominent -- Harvard placed 5th, Yale 9th, Stanford 10th, and MIT 11th -- but Duke and Cornell placed 104th and 105th, while the US Air Force Academy placed 7th, and the US Naval Academy placed 30th. The "best value" ROI schools are predominantly located in the Southern US. There is also a do-it-yourself screener tool.  Forbes Rankings  |  Do-It-Yourself Screener  |  ABC News  |  How West Point Beat the Ivy League