Foreign-trained midwifery students seek recognition in Saskatchewan

April 23, 2012

Some foreign-trained midwifery students say Saskatchewan is not letting them get the practical experience they need in order to graduate. Currently, the Saskatchewan College of Midwives' transitional council does not recognize any non-Canadian programs. Students doing placements in the province must be licensed, according to the college. "If I can't graduate, I can't go through the process of being licensed and working as a midwife here," says a Midwives College of Utah student who lives in Regina, adding that will make it harder for women to find a midwife. "There are far more requests for midwifery care than the midwives are able to take." She and another student took their concerns to the Saskatchewan legislature last week, asking Health Minister Don Morris to intervene. He says it's up to the college to determine the standards and credentials needed to practic e in the province. Regina Leader-Post | CBC