Former federal analyst calls for collaborative approach to overcoming experience gap

October 6, 2014

A former senior policy analyst for the federal government says that the bond between labour and employment is broken. Tom Zizys says that the labour market currently offers plenty of jobs at the top and at the bottom, but few in the middle. He adds that Canada has focused too narrowly on the “supply” side of the labour market, producing a highly educated workforce that nevertheless has difficulty finding work. Instead, he says, more attention should be paid to the lack of jobs and employers’ unwillingness to provide training and experience. According to Zizys, the skills gap is actually a work experience mismatch. “What we need are more opportunities in the workplace for people to acquire those skills and advance to better jobs,” he said. Zizys called for a comprehensive, long-term approach that unites employers, government, labour, educators, and community groups to identify and resolve labour market gaps. Toronto Star