Former uCalgary doctor resigned following investigation into falsified data

September 12, 2014

A doctor who formerly worked at the University of Calgary has now retracted 9 studies produced at the university that have been revealed to contain manipulated or falsified data. Cory Toth resigned in the spring after university investigators found faked data in his team’s work. Toth told the National Post that he had “failed to supervise” his staff’s laboratory activities properly. “I was unable to determine that data provided to me was not performed in proper fashion,” he said in an email. Glenda MacQueen, Vice-Dean of uCalgary’s medical school, said that the university launched a formal investigation after a journal contacted the school and reported finding “suspicious data”. The university’s efforts led to the retraction of the submitted paper as well as another previously published study. After problems in additional studies were uncovered, the university launched a “Committee of Investigation” that in March concluded that “Toth did not have appropriate oversight of the data coming out of his lab,” which constituted “a breach of research integrity.” MacQueen emphasized that “no human participants were involved” in the retracted research, nor does the research “influence patient care decisions.” National Post