Former UPEI prof brings up concerns regarding use of NDAs in response to harassment allegations

December 6, 2021
CBC reports that a former professor has raised concerns about the University of Prince Edward Island’s alleged use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence harassment allegations in 2013, creating “a culture of silence and fear” on campus. Kate Tilleczek, who was the Canada Research Chair in Child/Youth Cultures and Transitions at UPEI until 2018, stated that NDAs were used in three cases where individuals came forward with sexual harassment complaints. CBC reports that a new law passed in PEI will limit the use of NDAs, but that there are still concerns about how NDAs prevent victims from alerting others to potential issues with an individual and interfere with healing. Tilleczek has called for UPEI to reach out to those who signed NDAs saying they will not pursue legal action if the individuals choose to tell their stories. UPEI did not provide comment to CBC. CBC (PEI)