Former WLU football player sentenced for uWaterloo residence invasion

March 27, 2012

A former Wilfrid Laurier University football player has been sent to prison for 33 months for forcing his way into a University of Waterloo student residence with a fake pistol and traumatizing 2 men in March 2010. The 25-year-old says he fell into temptation at university; he began to drink and then used cocaine and marijuana. His grades began to slide and he was not keeping up his responsibilities with WLU's football team. The former student says he has changed since he voluntarily went into custody last January after he pleaded guilty to robbery and using an imitation firearm during a robbery. The second charge carries an automatic one-year minimum sentence. "He was part of the team for a short period. I think he had some academic issues," says the football team's offensive coordinator. "From what I remember about the guy, he was a very nice individual. I’m actually shocked he is on his way to jail." Waterloo Region Record