Four signs that a school is heading toward “unrecoverable failure”

June 7, 2017

Many small to midsize PSE institutions in the US shows signs of being “on the path to unrecoverable failure,” writes Chad Raymond for Inside Higher Ed, which is why it is important for other institutions to be aware of what these signs are. For Raymond, these signs are: an inability or unwillingness to develop or properly fund academic programs that provide a competitive advantage, poor communication with prospective students, a focus on short-term comparisons instead of long-term trends, and plans for transformation in which non-liquid assets play an essential role. “Frequently a college or university will exhibit a combination of these signs for several years in a row,” the author concludes. “Missed enrollment targets, budget cuts and needless inefficiencies become background noise, ignored by administrators and faculty members. Until one day, when they no longer have jobs.” Inside Higher Ed