French President, QC Premier agree on “principles” of tuition deal

November 6, 2014

French President François Hollande addressed Quebec’s National Assembly on Tuesday to discuss climate change, economic development, and tuition fees. Currently, French students pay the same fees as students from QC, much less than the fees charged to out-of-province and international students. QC students, meanwhile, enjoy a special status in France, save for at the country’s “grandes écoles.” The QC Liberal Party had said during the last provincial election that it would raise the fees charged to French students attending universities in QC; however, Hollande asked the National Assembly to continue with local fees for French students. QC Premier Philippe Couillard said that QC and France have agreed to the “principles” of a deal that would continue to see lower rates for each other’s students out of “recognition of our friendship.” “We want French students to continue to live here and benefit from special status, but we want Quebec students to be able to study in France and eventually in the ‘grandes écoles,’” Couillard said. Montreal Gazette | Global News