French studies waning at PSE institutions across Canada, say administrators

April 29, 2013

Government cutbacks across the university sector have led institutions to re-examine their humanities and, in particular, language programs. Officials speculate the waning interest in PSE French programs stems in part from student worries about the labour market, and what their degree will be worth once they enter the work force. At Queen’s University, officials too have decided to temporarily suspend admissions to their graduate programs in French studies. There has been a 60% decline in the applicant pool since 2008, says its dean of graduate studies – and that’s not unique to Queen’s. "In talking to my colleagues across the province and indeed from other provinces as well, many of them do report that there have been declines in languages quite generally." Several months ago, the University of Regina's senate voted to end the school's Bachelor of Francophone Studies program due to a continuing lack of interest in it. uRegina's Bachelor of Arts in French program and Baccalaureat en education program continue to enrol and graduate students. Globe and Mail