Full-time graduate, international enrolment figures rise at UPEI

October 30, 2012

Overall enrolment numbers for the University of Prince Edward Island show a slight drop by 0.9%, due to a decline in part-time student registrations, but show increases of 1.1% in full-time, 15.1% in full-time graduate, and 3.7% in full-time international student registrations. There are 4,555 full- and part-time students at UPEI this year, down from 4,596 last year. There are 299 graduate students and 556 international students from 62 nations registered at the university for 2012-13. Among full-time, first-year students, registrations from other provinces rose by 26%, and international registrations grew by 19%. Overall full-time, first-year student registrations were up by 1%. UPEI News Release