FutureLearn CEO says MOOCs have been overhyped

October 16, 2014

Simon Nelson, CEO of UK-based education platform FutureLearn, says that the disruptive potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has been “overhyped” and that they “will not transform education.” In a Times Higher Education podcast, Nelson distanced his Open University-owned company from the term MOOC, describing it instead as a “social learning platform,” and contended that “the early evangelists of MOOCs … overstated the case for what they could be, and there’s a degree to which they’re being hoist by their own petard.” But Nelson does not believe that MOOCs are likely to disappear anytime soon. While they are not as revolutionary as some have claimed, neither are MOOCs a short-term phenomenon. According to Nelson, it is the Internet that is transforming education, with MOOCs being just one facet of an overall shift. Times Higher Education