G20-related arrests made at uToronto

June 28, 2010

In a bid to quell violence at the G20 summit in Toronto, police raided the Graduate Student Union building at the University of Toronto Sunday morning, arresting about 70 people and seizing "street-type weaponry," such as bricks, rocks, and sharpened stakes. While uToronto had shut down most of its St. George campus for the duration of the summit, the university's student groups continued to operate. The GSU turned its gymnasium into a makeshift hostel to accommodate out-of-town student protesters. The Toronto Star reports that uToronto administrators are questioning graduate student leaders about why the union-run building was used to house out-of-town protesters. uToronto states that because the arrests are a police matter, it will have no further comment at this time. Globe and Mail | Associated Press | Toronto Star | Statement from uToronto