Gaming technology to be introduced in courses at Lambton

April 16, 2014

A new pilot program that uses games and gaming technology to engage students is being developed, thanks to a partnership between Lambton College in Ontario and education technology company Desire2Learn. The pilot project, beginning in fall 2014, will test gaming technologies in 6 courses – including first-year math, electrical circuits, and hair removal – to see if student attendance and engagement levels improve. Rick Overeem, Associate Dean of the Learning Innovation Centre at Lambton, explains that many students don’t see the value in courses that they deem to have little application to future careers. The use of “gamification principles in a math course to make it interactive, to make it interesting and engaging [for] the student" may help students see the value in such courses. Lambton already uses mobile learning in a number of courses, and aspires to be a mobile learning institute by 2016. Campus Technology