Gender gap in Ontario university participation widening, study finds

April 24, 2013

University participation in Ontario has risen in the past decade, and the gender gap is also increasing, as women continue to enrol in university at much higher rates than men, observes a new study published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. The study's authors say that's a profound change from earlier generations, and the consequences will only be played out in the years to come. The study uses Statistics Canada's tax-based Longitudinal Administrative Databank to explore Ontario's overall PSE participation rates from 1999 through 2008 and how access is related to individual and family characteristics. The participation gap between men and women continued to grow over the period studied. By 2008, nearly 60% of Ontario females had attended university by age 21, compared to just 38.4% of males. Previous HEQCO research notes that despite the overall advances women have made in PSE attainment, they have not translated into full equality in occupational choices and salaries, as males have higher full-time employment levels and higher earnings in some occupations. Research Summary | Full Report