Genome Canada announces projects to receive GAPP funding

October 17, 2014

Canada has announced the first 12 projects to be funded through Genome Canada's Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP), which partners academic researchers with companies and organizations that use genomics in order to enhance innovative research. In addition, a new partnership between Genome Canada and Mitacs will create internships within GAPP projects for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The 12 projects involve a total investment of $56 M, with $15 M coming from Genome Canada and the rest from partner organizations, who must contribute at least $2 for every federal dollar. The selected projects are in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and include diverse industries such as aquaculture, cheese-making, horticulture, animal feed, agriculture, forestry, and healthcare. "These first 2 rounds have proven that there is a high degree of interest and engagement from a whole range of industry sectors that see Canada's genomics research enterprise as a valuable source of ideas and innovation,” said Genome Canada President Pierre Meulien. Genome Canada News Release | Globe and Mail